PRIME PERFORMER MANAGEMENT is a sports management company aimed at the development and guidance of professional football players and young talents.

I believe that every individual is unique and has his own passion, desires and needs. Together we can make a plan to take the right career steps, so that every individual has a better chance of getting the most out of their careers and to reach their top, and more importantly, to stay at the top.

I have experience in the football world as an intermediary (football players` agent), and as an ex professional football player in five different countries, I have been in many situations and gotten huge and valuable experience in the football world and in life in general, which helps me to understand, what is going on in a football players mind and body in most situations, and most importantly to help and guide them in the right direction, so that the end result is going to be positive.

My goal is to give the individual as much guidance and help, so that the individual can focus on the main thing – his performance on the football field.

PRIME PERFORMER MANAGEMENT is looking forward working with you, to guide you through your career and to possible future transfers.



Marc Nygaard

Danish nationality.

Intermediary (football players’ agent).

Speaks five different languages: Danish, English, Dutch, German and Italian.

Former professional football player in five different countries: Denmark, Holland, Italy, England and Germany.
Former Danish national team player.